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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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after an officer involved shooting in norfolk a suspect is hurt a police canine dad the other story still unfolding this afternoon we're learning new details about what led up to the killer confrontation afternoon it started with a man reportedly barricaded himself inside a home office or say they were forced to fire when the man shot a police k nine police responded around six o'clock last night to land straight in norfolk not far from his virginia beach boulevard officers tell us that a man and his wife were inside the home for hours. elise brown joins us live from the scene and when the leaves between him and right now there are a few police cars still here. police say that man was alone in his home for several hours. neighbors tell me they were just hoping this whole situation would have ended peacefully but he gave it up before you hurt you mean alot to many people we care about you. teams start playing or reading text messages he sent to his
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convince his neighbor to surrender himself. this after police say he barricaded himself and home we called her lecture. we are praying for norfolk police say they were called to lan street for domestic disturbance between a husband and wife around six sunday night. strickland said he saw several police officers and an armored truck i keep a walkout and video telephony will buy their vehicles. the walk of your truck look around and go back into salads. he says police used a ram to boston the front door and sent a robot police daily to god for more info on them and including abduction to contest his neighbor eventually came out with his dons make it one of them into his car and shut the door to the dog was safe and then you try to give the other one we cross over into my driveway s when he shot him of leaving the left leg to contact you talk to police canines go after key police say he shot
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often waiting and it took quite awhile before they pull the second although police say they warned him to put the gun down after several hours of negotiations he was then taken to sin tear it norfolk general hospital with serious injuries right now we're digging to learn more information we do know the husband worked as a gun shop will keep you updated as we learn more information live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now are thinking so much elise and hampton police are still searching for the gunman who shot three people all of them recovering at the hospital this afternoon officers responded to colonial and apartments ticket and rode around seven thirty last night we found two men and the woman with gunshot wounds all three expected to survive. still no word on what led up to the violent or if police have identified a suspect. if you have any information call the crime right now the suspect in a deadly brawl is in court for that fight left him and dad
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killed a man during a bar the thirty six year old said that he and charles satchel got into an argument about a football game last year originally cisco pleaded not guilty to a charge of second degree murder. he later entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter. cisco faces a max of ten years in prison but the judge could give him more time than that reported marcel robertson is in court right now to bring you the details as soon as she's finished the sentence well after a weekend of waiting we learned the u s supreme court didn't take up the case of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is corruption conviction the high court neither granted nor deny the petition to hear this case justices could still make a decision later this week and that is a preview wolf with the supreme court if the decline his appeal he could go straight to prison last year federal court sentenced to two years in prison for taking gifts exchange for favors the wealthy businessmen macdonald's wife maureen is also appealing her conviction
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getting ready to head back to the capital twenty sixteen legislative session starts wednesday. this also marks the midpoint of governor terry mcauliffe is term limited time in office not the top of the priority list passing a one hundred billion dollar two year budget lawmakers will also take on issues on health care criminal justice and don'ts slo county to see matthew jr is in court he has a hearing in the anagram murder case during a pretrial hearing in december the judge gave matt his attorneys the ok to hire a mental health experts for evaluation. matthew faces capital murder charges for the uva students death a grand jury also indicted the two thousand and nine death of virginia tech student morgan harrington an old dillon sellers are prepping to leave town the guided missile destroyer uss barry will leave naval station norfolk tomorrow morning the crew will join forward deployed naval forces in japan well as death sparked worldwide sorrow today remember the life of
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his legendary career change
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in the unforgettable voice there today people around the world are mourning the loss of groundbreaking musician david bowie. he passed away overnight after a battle with cancer he was just sixteen i just turned sixty nine in fact are now remember the fantastic career that he created paving the path for many artists and celebrities that would come after him. abc's elizabeth her as more the fourth decade. legendary musician david bowie and audiences around the world the favorites including
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eight games with the renaissance man he was a superstar and i truly believe that david but his death will be on a par with j f k's with elvis as bowie's biographer says the singer with magnificent british prime minister david cameron calling him a master of reinvention. today we're mourning the loss of an immense british talent i mean genius is overused word but i think musically creatively artistically plated bowie was the genius the born david jones in south london his unique sound and style inspired and influenced generations of musicians from mick jagger to surrender and to madonna and singing to acting he did all the movies the hunger and the man who fell to earth. just last
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twenty fifth and final album black star album reportedly i carefully planned finale party gift to his face the bully is survived by his wife supermodel in mind and two children steven his family said he died peacefully late last night after a courageous eighteen month battle with cancer. it was that her abc news new york as you might imagine celebrities are taking to twitter to express her thoughts about bowie's death the couple that with lamar burton reading rainbow star trek you know him he says could really be true david bowie died. yes it is and we'll have more tweets or this one from madonna as you might imagine i am devastated this great artist changed my life first concert i ever saw in detroit river and heels as the love part of a mood to write their colony west another in its field david bowie was one of my most important inspirations so fearless so creative he gave his magic for a lifetime with a look one more what some of
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russell crowe here with david i love her music i love you one of the greatest performance artists have ever lived. that's what some of the people are saying this a sample of what some celebrities are tweeting an inch or more musicians will continue to speak out about bowie's legacy throughout the day lucy hundred anxious to true musical forms in ri for just how cold is it in some parts of our country well this cold look at that picture guys at a glance of some of the bitter weather across the nation that's what happens in the park the car right next to frozen lake erie pride has you get some spray coming off that lake and it coats everything. i'll
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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. latest on the trial of the death of freddie grade baltimore right now there is the timetable for the next steps in the trial of the police van driver accused of killing gray officer cesar good since trial is postponed indefinitely now it was supposed to take place today we've been telling you about it. well the trial is stayed on till the court of special appeals rules on this. those proceedings are expected to have more written filings from each side followed by oral arguments a civil trial will start a new york city on general motors faulty ignition switches. jury selection starts today in a case involving oklahoma crash and hurt the driver is only the first of six trials are scheduled over the next year this trial is also expected to test the boundaries of hundreds of claims remaining against general motors thousands of people blame the automaker's the facts for
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and deaths now to the detroit auto show were a new car was crowned this year's best vehicle the honda civic takes the cake as a north american car of the year you see right there the new design the trunk of the year is the volvo xc ninety about fifty five automotive journalists voted on the winners the vehicles must all be new or have major changes to be eligible. this is the awards twenty third year the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will and our offense acts a year and a half early the animals will retire in may. feld entertainment's the services parent company says that the elephants will go to the company center for elephant conservation is the two hundred acre facility in central florida forty two elephants live there right now eleven elephants are currently on tour with the circus while brazil is getting ready to gear up for card evolved musicians dancers and other performers rehearsed this weekend toll
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the schools are acidic dairy association or social clubs that will represent neighborhoods of rio de janeiro brazilians take someone seriously like football. the schools are divided into first second and third leagues depending on their performance is always fun the twenty sixteen part of all of revision era kicks off on february fifth of very big deal in that country in the burn some calories and only sat in the high eighty yards a little bit less of a conventional celebration of sorts. those who are brave enough participated in the no pants subway ride this weekend getting some height is a celebration of silliness it's a bit of comedy in the dead of winter before so it's a little more i think el nino has made it a little less money this year but we still have a good time. so this is actually a worldwide event about sixty countries participated. participants are signed personal numbers and are told to go to central gathering spot at the city
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they boarded the subways minus the band yet it was cold too and some of those there's like a new york. wow how the do it i'm sure though so we writers were glad they didn't have to deal with this this is snow in the clarksville area of tennessee the region had its first significant snowfall of the season about a half inch of snow and sleet covered the ground temperatures there are in the teens early this morning however the weather is expected to improve and just take a look at this this is a photo that's getting a lot of attention right now yet the car was parked. you see there right on the lake in hamburg new york and is completely covered in ice those the frigid temperatures up there might me it will take a little while longer until we see what's under that ice again the owner probably will not be able see the car while on crack. yeah i see that kind of ice coating and you think
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ride by the way you can rest easy and that this is a full pants weather cast here so you don't need to run away from your tv we have temperatures today in the low forties you better have long pants on yourself i'm sure there's some area college students that are probably still out wearing shorts today but it's not a warm up now where to stay in the low forties over the next few hours temperatures dropping into the thirties this evening skies sunny right now it is gorgeous outside we look out there but just about and you definitely feel that chill and as we head to the evening will see mainly clear skies but a few more clouds here and there were few thin cirrus clouds earlier but that's really not an issue at all. again just about full sunshine for many many parts of the viewing area as we take a look at the radar trends you'll notice a little bit of snow back up across parts of indiana pushing towards ohio in cincinnati a little bit of snow should come from the queen city as we take a look back up across
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snow showers here i'll add the wind streams on c can see the airflow i hear it we have a relative high pressure right unified getting this clockwise flow out from that high pressure and we have winds that are coming in from the north northwest today now as we take another look at the future cast he rallied the whims of men of color and handsome because the wind direction really tells our story here as to what you can expect over the next twenty four to forty eight hours or so. you notice tomorrow as we go through the day we have south and southwest winds pushing those temperatures up a little bit. another system a quick moving clipper system is going to zip by in the north it's going to drag the front door area ahead of the front the south wins and while temperatures stay cool today in the low forties tomorrow's highs will reach the low fifties and then as that front slides through tuesday evening to see the wind shifting around. it
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do have a chance for a few light sprinkles or possibly a couple light flurries now ground temperatures in the warm up tomorrow low fifties there were not looking at significant snow but i think it's going to be cold enough aloft that you could see a few flurries or maybe a few sprinkles mixed in with flurries as that pushes through tomorrow evening and then clearing after that we're not expecting anything really significant wins in a blow to north across to the northwest across the chesapeake bay i don't think we're looking a lot of lake effect snow that there could be a couple streamers coming off over towards the eastern shore as that cold air comes in wednesday morning will certainly be watching for that notice most of the area doing mostly sunny skies again on wednesday but it's going to be a lot colder with temperatures wednesday staying in the mid thirties quite a change as a manager right now lots of sunshine beautiful out there at the airport forty degrees in the windsor west northwest at eight mph. the high
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close to forty two it will remain sunny orleans mostly sunny. lows tonight near thirty and then tomorrow the high fifty one there will be that chance for a sprinkle or flurry tomorrow evening as the front side through the wind shifted the last increase ten to twenty gusting to thirty mph and the guys wanna see the rest that senate forecast at fifty one the ball thirty six on wednesday in and back into the upper forties which is normal on thursday as temperatures above normal for the week another chance for abc said flurries it's not that bad really eerie light activity in a spidey of us aren't they are a very big award show last night it was the seventy third annual golden globes. here's a recap of some of the big winners sylvester stallone won for best supporting actor motion picture for his role as a famed boxer in the film created for the marsh and starring matt damon won for best motion picture musical or comedy and the winner for best motion picture drama category went to
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leonardo dicaprio and yes the powerball jackpot just keeps on growing and growing through the world they say it's the biggest been through every time we talk about the girls' little more. it's you know it's a one point four billion dollars. just imagine winning part of that little sliver the right and i know buddy mr right or not nobody matched credit cards numbers saturday night maybe it's because the odds are so stacked against you. the odds of winning are two hundred and ninety two point two million and the jackpot is likely to increase next drawing. it's now wednesday and of course we are your official audio station right here at abc thirteen the drawing errors during our eleven pm newscast all the winning numbers are posted. of course on thirteen years now. com. coming up consider yourself a wine can soar while we won't wanna miss our interview this new on the coast of virginia
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i never called. welcome back everyone it is monday the jury already thinking of your plans for the weekend this saturday and sunday will be the third annual coastal virginia magazine wine fest in virginia beach and with this in the studio today's natalie giles thank you so much for joining us from having absolutely no we always love talking wine it has and a business that has exploded in virginia talk
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can feature this weekend well it's a two day event so please come out we have a variety of ticket options we have a single day pass a two day pass we have been tasting tickets we have non tasting tickets without a ticket of course if you purchase in advance will save act copa y estar com. so with a tasting ticket. we have over thirty wineries that you can have unlimited tastings from which is really great so when you come in to get a tasting glass and you can go and peruse all the wineries in the vendors and get as many tastings as you can also purchase by the bottle as well. ok here's the video from previous years it's been three years that you've done this list will be the third year class said yes to talk about how it's been in the past what are some of the highlights that people have really just gravitated to. well we of course grown over the past three years tremendously on the wineries are just a real pleasure to have it's about celebrating the genuine we also celebrate virginia craft beer in our beer garden that we have again unlimited tastings will
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purchase beer non from the craft breweries in our souvenir mug and a portion of proceeds from the whole event go to the nobleman wonderful children's charity here in the area. it really is the two some great work. ok so if you go online you can actually get the tickets and discount how much we talk about a five to ten dollar discount depending on the type of ticket you purchase. so besides the tasting tickets and that today and six pack tickets we also have ten top tables that you can purchase that also comes at a discounted rate. ok great talk about now leave the business that wine is in virginia how big our economy is it especially in a northern virginian course well i can speak to exact numbers but i will say it has definitely been booming and one exciting thing like i said the breweries that are blooming all over the place is another craft breweries some of the wineries and also open up their own craft breweries as well so that while this is booming as well he all right guys well there's the information for you this saturday starting at noon ending at seven sunday
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five so make sure that you don't leave the house with an empty stomach. yes the town yet enjoyed going to be a wonderful event i write thank you natalie really get it i enjoy there it is all the information is also come to the website wartime ko ko
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. a beautiful clear skies over the ocean front today. thanks for spending part of it with as craig will have an update to your forecast in just a bit but first here's a look at your top stories a man in the hospital and a police canine dad after barricade situation in norfolk police say the man barricaded
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a domestic situation officers spent several hours trying to negotiate with him they say the man came out of the home and shot and killed a police dog officers returned fire the suspect is now in hospital with serious injuries in you this afternoon the suspect is reportedly an employee at bonn bob's gun shop right here in downtown norfolk the gun shop owner declined to comment specifically on this situation. well today we learned that the u s supreme court did not take up the case of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is corruption conviction the high court neither granted nor denied the petition to hear his case justices can still make a decision later this week if the supreme court declines mcdonald's appeal he will go straight to prison last year a federal court sentence mcdonnell to two years in prison for taking gifts in exchange for favors to a wealthy businessman and a departure tomorrow from naval station norfolk the guided missile destroyer uss barry
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the crew will join forward deployed naval forces in japan and the latest on the big manhunt in mexico as a country begins the process of exercising l chappell to the us. new details are emerging about the secret meeting with actor sean penn he says karen travers has the least. the mexican attorney general's office confirms the process to extradite out chocolate to the u s from mexico has begun for now the drug lords being kept in solitary confinement in mexico's highest security prison the same one he escaped from six months ago officials say joaquin guzman secret meeting with academy award winning actor sean penn led to his recapture and working for rolling stone magazine interview the drug lord three months ago the magazine release this photo of the two the kid i was trying to land a movie deal about his life shopping the idea around hollywood producers and actors recording this video. yes another sap man but mexican
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during his visits without top row on the golden globes red carpet celebrity said it's not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this anyone who is an artist interested in understanding human nature and behavior and anything would want to talk to any person and work through any other actors under the bus tonight but i know a lot of very very serious actors and filmmakers who've been having meetings like this forever but many wonder whether penn violated any laws in meeting with fugitive convicted of something like harboring or concealing a fugitive. need evidence that he actually helped and aided him gave her money sheltered him not just to say he met with the pen has not commented on the case since guzman was captured karen travers abc news washington but he will continue in china the markets tumble today as doubts persist about china's economic management and here
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points the snp down by six is well and the nasdaq off by twenty six points now as for china. this comes after a bit of a rebound on friday analysts think that was due to buying from a group of state entities called the national team charged with shoring up share prices not trading was suspended twice last week sending shockwaves around the world and pushing down oil prices a major milestone for lamar odom he is now out of the hospital. this comes three months after he nearly died from a drug overdose that when juju chang has the latest on his recovery over the weekend lamar odom spotted for the first time outside the hospital's new photos showing the basketball champion out about a miraculous job after his near fatal drug overdose last october the sighting comes just days after odom checked out of cedar sinai medical center into a private rehab facility actually staying at a house that was converted into a sort of rehab facility as nurses and medical equipment and doctors coming
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nearly three months after he was found unconscious clinging to life after a drug fueled binge at a nevada brothel the error but the former nba star making incredible progress after his estranged wife chloe car dashing revealed doctors told her they were unsure if he'd pull through st. they told me he had four hours when he was first admitted about what he could do barely anything as he emerged out of that now he can walk without a walker he can talk you can say sentences his son even posting this photo of his father over the holidays and his aunts telling abc news of his miraculous recovery that lamar continues to make remarkable strides are able do you use all of the data on your phone. they were just as i write there is some good news i get the things all the time we too early halfway into my billing cycle a major carrier may bring back some on limited data plans will
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. or with breaking news to tell you about that we were to talk about that top of other new newscasts it was sentencing today for any cisco well that sentence was handed down he admitted to killing a man if sb bar fight. well he was sentenced to ten years for voluntary manslaughter cisco must serve another four years on top of that for a probation
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of fourteen years he must serve well if you're on your phone all that i rejoice each cd is experimenting with offering unlimited data plans to smartphone users. this comes of course with the cac it's all while the company is promoting its directv service eighteen he purchased directv last year. this move shows a potential change in the phone industry which usually has data caps and charges for people who use up a lot of data on video a young woman arrested by the fbi in connection with a string of jewelry jewelry store robberies has a court date today twenty four year old abigail camps initial court appearance is slated for jacksonville florida. agents arrested her in georgia on friday after following tips from the public campus suspected of stealing more than four million dollars worth of merchandise over the span of six robberies another person with camp during her arrest is also in custody. their identity has not been released. no one yet
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organ as it enters its second week the mother of the man who is leading the occupation is asking supporters of the group to send supplies such as warm blankets led by even buddy the group sees the mall or national wildlife refuge on january second member say the refuse refuse refuse to leave rather until there is a plan to transfer control of the federal land to locals. well coming up a health alert to parents even
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new research shows some alarming statistics on secondhand smoke with teenagers. a government study finds that nearly half of non smoking kids in middle and high school encounter second hand tobacco in twenty thirteen. that is despite a declining u s smoking rates for teenagers. secondhand smoke can cause many illnesses including breathing
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pneumonia. the red cross need your help this time of the year were told there is an urgent need now for blood donors order may be a source for nick's blood donation usually lol this time of the year. that's because everyone usually gets tied up in the holidays rushing during november or december so if you're able to make sure you're able to make sure to drop by your local red cross to donate blood and help save lives very well getting around town have just gotten a lot cheaper. yeah
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next time you take over you may be paying a little bit less the ride sharing company lowered prices in more than a hundred places including hampton roads the price cuts are an effort to boost rides in the winter when the wind there's less business over has done this in previous
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that drivers usually see increased profits. no word on how long the price cut will last since the gas prices now you may notice a change with prices at the pump a good change. the average retail gas price in virginia beach will it fall and two point four cents per gallon in the past week that's according to gasbuddy daily survey of seven hundred and four gas outlets in virginia beach this compares with the national average that has fallen one point eight cents per gallon in the last week when you are in a rush the frosting your car's windows may seem like rocket science but about this advice from a rocket scientists hints about a former nasa engineer says that you should do this in a viral youtube video they posted put the heater on full blast because hot air can hold more moisture. turn the ac on because moisture will be pulled out of the air as it passes over the cold coils make sure that inside air circulation is off because
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not hold moisture then cracked windows for just a little bit. this helps the process by exchanging humanitarian your car with dry as well as i write this he shouldn't. the colder air can't hold as much water vapor as the warmer air so that is a very valid tip their good stuff for you as we talk about some frost i think in the coming days yesterday's high of the forecast is for was the sixty eight the actual high was sixty nine sore spot on streak extended to seven i'll say right now are sitting at forty and going for a high of forty four and this was put up last evening so that's what is on the line for the spot on street if you watched thirteen years now at daybreak i said forty two so i just a down a little bit and we may top out somewhere around forty to forty three and either case we get up forty one forty two forty three at their little bit
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extend that streak another day and feel good about it as you can see we will enjoy the sunshine of the next few hours and then mainly clear skies this evening but it will turn cooler temperatures down into the thirties skies are mainly clear right now going to expand the view and show you that it will continue to be dry across most of the region adding the wind you can see how we have the northwest winds right now it's been a little breezy. this is a different look from what we typically share you with the models here's norfolk and virginia see that northeast north carolina one to make sure our viewing area was very clearly on the screen here but there's a lotta stuff going on to the north and this is what i want to focus on you can see is we put this into motion through the afternoon into night skies remain mostly clear. there's a clipper system and it is spinning over the great lakes is where the area of low pressure is and it's going to drag a frontal boundary into our region saw this very quickly show you where that area of low pressure is
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michigan you can see that area of low pressure and there's a front that extends out and down from that height much colder air moving in behind that system so as we continue to run this you can see how the area of low pressure stays up around the great lakes the front extends down and will push to our area late in the day there could be a few ear is with some light flurries across central virginia may be the end northern parts of the year seeing a few snow flurries as well for most of santa rosa think i'd chance for maybe a few sprinkles more likely with temperatures tomorrow in the low fifties that we see a few rain showers but there could be a couple flurries in the mix during the evening tomorrow as well in any case won't be a real big deal ground temperatures will be warmer because we do get up in the low fifties tomorrow one cent passes you can see the cold air rolls across the great lakes and they're looking at more heavy snow coming up the great lakes is beginning to wednesday and thursday i think some real problems with lake effect snow coming off lake ontario and lake erie so will
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up in new york state back over towards cleveland. there can be watching the situation very carefully for us will see improvements coming up wednesday and again you see the snow already pretty significant up their snow cover observed across the country a lot of snow back over the rockies at all whether they've had along the west coast. thanks to the town the new lot of snow out that way up in the mountains temperatures right now low forties for the in the series is forty eight norfolk international and you can see the temperatures for most the reloaded and forty one she how much colder it is today than yesterday down about twenty five degrees so we step outside. despite all that sunshine will definitely feel that chill we've been warning you all day fifty one
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